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Interest rates can be volatile and passive short-term investing can erode investment values due to inflation. On the other hand, the stock market has historically outperformed both short and long-term bank deposit rates. Unfortunately, not so many people are familiar with active financial management and effective diversification. Through mutual funds, even investors with limited resources can participate in combinations of these high-yielding investment instruments without the headache of personally selecting and monitoring a portfolio.

The Investment Company Representative Certification Program (ICRCP)

In Cooperation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Capital Market Development Coucil (CMDC), PIFA has professionalized the licensure and certification process for mutual fund salesmen through the ICRCP, the program focuses on ensuring that investment company representatives have all the knowledge and primary expertise that will be necessary in introducing mutual fund investments to the public. The ICRCP involves a two-day seminar and a computer-based examination. The seminar, which is conducted by PIFA deputized trainors, has five main sections, namely: Fundamentals of Securities, Economics, Mutual Funds, the Law Governing Investment Companies, and the PIFA Code of Ethics. The examination is the hurdle by which the salespeople are measured against. The ICRCP, as a result, becomes a fully integrated approach to professionalize the industry’s sales people and the sales processes involved within it.

At the ICRCP Seminars

Nov. 03, 1999

PIFA ICRCP Study Guide Presentation to the SEC

Asia Oceania Annual Conference

PIFA is a member of the Asia Oceania. It is the organization of investment company associations of all the countries in Asia which have active mutual fund industries. The presence of cooperative associations in more sophisticated markets in Asia Oceania has definitely helped PIFA in terms of leading and molding the development of the local industry. Every year, PIFA sends delegates (usually Trustees) to the conference. Policies, developments, and other inputs are discussed. This important exchange of information goes a long way in guiding the future direction and growth of the local mutual fund industry.

The Asia Oceana Investment Company Association Meeting in Hong Kong

The Asia Oceana Cocktail Reception

Trustees at the Bulls and Bears Club

The Mutual Fund Seminar

It might be rare for industry participants to put their hands together, conceptualize a training program, and invite potential competitors by teaching them the “ins and outs” of the trade. This is exactly what happens when the PIFA conducts its seminar on mutual funds. The objective of the program is to create awareness among industry partners as well as invite interested parties to be part of the industry. With only a few funds in the market, the pioneering effort to make the industry grow is better enhanced by attracting more players. Besides, there is a huge market out there since the current appreciation of funds and actual market penetration rates are quite low.

The PIFA Mutual Fund Seminar

PIFA Board of Trustees at the PIFA Mutual Fund Seminar

PIFA Investment Webinar 2023

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