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ICAP Programs and Activities
ICAP is such an active organization.  Trustees, regular members, and associate members all contribute to nurture a bouyant mutual fund industry.   Linkages with government are strengthened through cooperative efforts with regulatory agencies and legislators.  ICAP also reaches out to other financial services industry associations both locally and internationally to ensure that the local mutual   A number of ICAP's more notable programs and activities are as follows:
ICAP Courtesy Call to new SEC Chairman
( June 13, 2000 )       
ICAP BSP Courtesy Call (1996)  
ICAP SEC Courtesy Call  (1996) ICAP Planning Session
June 16,  2000 )
ICAP members at the Annual Planning Session ICAP Annual Session
The ICAP Mutual Fund Seminar ICAP Board of Trustees at the ICAP Mutual Fund Seminar
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Latest News
  ICAP Program & Activities
  The Investment Company Representative Certification Program (ICRCP)
  Asia Oceania Annual Conference
  The Mutual Fund Seminar