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  Why Invest in a Mutual Fund?  

Interest rates can be volatile and passive short-term investing can erode investment values due to inflation.  On the other hand, the stock market has historically outperformed both short and long-term bank deposit rates.  Unfortunately, not so many people are familiar with active financial management and effective diversification. Through mutual funds, even investors with limited resources can participate in combinations of these high-yielding investment instruments without the headache of personally selecting and monitoring a portfolio.

Mutual funds are ideal vehicles for growing money over time.  It can be used as a savings medium for retirement, education for a child, or building up a long-term cash fund for some specific future financial objective.   While largely thought of as a retail financial product, mutual funds are also ideal instruments to augment the yields generated by organizational funds and enhance their level of diversification.  Mutual funds have been popular investments for pension and trust programs, other employee benefit funding objectives, and institutional asset-liability matching.

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Mutual Fund 101
  What is a Mutual Fund?
  Why Invest in a Mutual Fund?
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